The world is constantly changing and everything shifts accordingly to its movement. But, sadly, some of the steps taken forward come with a heavy price, the climate and nature we are living in being among the most unfortunate on the receiving side of this progress. The extensive cut of the forests, the disappearance of thousands of animal and plant species, the global warming and the melting of Arctic icebergs are part of an irreversible chain of events leading toward an uncertain future, to say the least. Today’s climate change doesn’t leave me many reasons to feel optimistic, most of the articles regarding the impact we have on the world around us are making me sad and discouraged about the future humanity faces. Ticonderoga Publications is attempting to shake this pessimistic feeling with a new anthology, “Ecopunk! – speculative tales of radical futures”, a collection of 19 short stories edited by Liz Grzyb and Cat Sparks that challenges the glooming perspective of what Earth would become with brighter, more promising images of our future. I must admit, not many of the authors featured on the line-up ring a bell, I am more familiar with the editors of “Ecopunk!”, Liz Grzyb, who is behind the ongoing “The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror” series and anthologies such as “Dreaming of Djinn” or “Hear Me Roar” and Cat Sparks, the author of “The Bride Price” collection of short stories and the recently released “Lotus Blue” novel. However, I don’t see this as any kind of impediment, the anthology’s concept and the chance of discovering new, talented writers are main points of attraction for me, without mentioning that feeling a little better about Earth’s future, even though it’s for a short while and with the help of science fiction stories, is always welcomed. “Ecopunk!” will be released sometimes this year.

“The Radiolarian Violin” by Adam Browne
“Future Perfect” by Matthew Chrulew
“From the Dark” by Emilie Collyer
“Milk and Honey” by Jason Fischer
“The Mangrove Maker” by Tom Guerney
“Mr. Mycelium” by Claire McKenna
“The City Sunk, the City Risen” by R. Jean Mathieu
“The Wandering Library” by D.K. Mok
“The Today Home” by Jason Nahrung
“First Flight” by Ian Nichols
“Island Green” by Shauna O’Meara
“Trivalent” by Rivqa Rafael
“The Right Side of History” by Jane Rawson
“The Scent of Betrayal” by Jane Routley
“The Butterfly Whisperer” by Andrew Sullivan
“Monkey Business” by Janeen Webb
“Happy Hunting Ground” by Corey White
“Broad Church” by Tess Williams
“Pink Footed” by Marian Womack

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