YBWF-4Undertow Publications has set upon itself the tremendous task of gathering some of the best weird fiction and bringing it into our attention through its published books. And for the past three years this brave independent press counted among its titles the anthology series “Year’s Best Weird Fiction”. There are various such yearly anthologies gathering short fiction of a particular genre or sub-genre on the market, but “Year’s Best Weird Fiction” stands out not only for the chosen subject, but also for the quality of its selections and by bringing different visions for each of its volumes. Because besides the work done by the series editor, Michael Kelly, each volume features a new guest editor, such as Laird Barron for the first, Kathe Koja for the second and Simon Strantzas for the third have been so far. The fourth “Year’s Best Weird Fiction”, coming out on October, is no different, this time Helen Marshall is the guest editor, features another excellent cover art, made by Alex Andreev, and by the looks of its table of contents it promises the same exciting quality of short fiction as the first three volumes. And since I am here I would also like to point out that same as the previous year Undertow Publications offers another subscription for those interested in its 2017 titles, “Shadows & Tall Trees, Vol. 7” edited by Michael Kelly, “The Dream Operator” by Mike O’Driscoll, “I Will Surround You” by Conrad Williams” and the already mentioned “Year’s Best Weird Fiction” edited by Helen Marshall & Michael Kelly. There is an offer for the paperback editions for 70$, one for the hardback editions for 110$ and one for the combo of the two for 160$, all shipping costs included in the prices. So, if you are interested in one of these subscriptions you can find all the details at the Undertow Publications website.

“I Was a Teenage Werewolf” by Dale Bailey (Nightmare Magazine #51)

“Breakdown” by Gary Budden (The Short Anthology: The Second Issue)

“The Signal Birds” by Octavia Cade (Liminal Stories #2)

“Breaking Water” by Indrapramit Das (Tor.com)

“The End of Hope Street” by Malcolm Devlin (Interzone #266)

“The Blameless” by Jeffrey Ford (A Natural History of Hell)

“Waxy” by Camilla Grudova (Granta Online)

“A Heavy Devotion” by Daisy Johnson (Fen)

“Red” by Katie Knoll (The Masters Review Online)

“In The Ruins of Mohenjo-Daro” by Usman T. Malik (The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu)

“Angel, Monster, Man” by Sam J. Miller (Nightmare Magazine #40)

“Outtakes” by Irenosen Okojie (Speak, Gigantular)

“Beating the Bounds” by Aki Schilz (The Unreliable Guide To London)

“The Kings With No Hands” by Johanna Sinisalo, translated by J. Robert Tupasela (Finnish Weird 3)

“The Dancer on the Stairs” by Sarah Tolmie (Two Travelers)


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