Little Boy FoundBecoming a parent changed my priorities entirely, but also added a new set of fears and terrors haunting me into the nights and sometimes during the day too. My perception of the subjects of parenting and childhood in fiction suffered a transformation as well, I find myself more connected to stories centered or touching on such themes. Nowadays, these stories are also an attempt for me to exorcise these fears, to keep them at bay and let the mind wander less on dark alleys in the middle of the night. The disappearance of a child is such a subject, be it in crime, thriller or horror novels, and soon I’ll definitely work on casting out my dread through “Little Boy Found”, a crime novel by LK Fox due to be released by Quercus Books on July 6th. Now, the major theme of “Little Boy Found” might be very familiar but the book promises to stay away from the beaten path, it advertises unexpected twists. One such surprise, and a very pleasant one indeed, comes early, LK Fox being the pen name of the multiple awarded writer Cristopher Fowler, the author of numerous novels and short stories, the wonderful Bryant and May crime series among them. “Little Boy Found” is available on pre-order now and we have a chance, not sure for how long, to grab an e-copy on promotional price. So, if you fancy a copy of the novel or that this is a deal not to be missed you can pre-order “Little Boy Found” at Amazon US, UK or another of its country websites.

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