Pacific MonstersLong time no see! Well, this is me stating the obvious, but for the past couple of months things have gone off the rails a bit. Again. And then followed a period of procrastination, days in which I would rather bask in laziness than do something that could be called productive. But it seems now that enough is enough, so here is my attempt of resuming my journey through bookish things.

In 2014 Fox Spirit Books started travelling across the world in search of monsters. A fictional expedition, that is, in form of collections of short stories under the guidance of Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas. I am talking about the “Fox Spirit Books of Monsters”, a series of anthologies that began in Europe and then trekked across the African and Asian continents, diving deep in search of monsters of myth and legend, old and new, in their natural habitats or adapted to the urbanism of modern days. During the Asian tour Margrét Helgadóttir remained the sole editor of the anthology, but that didn’t stop “Asian Monsters” from being nominated to the British Fantasy Awards. This year’s destination is the Pacific, again with only one guide, Margrét Helgadóttir, and brings us myths and monsters with stories from Australia, New Zealand and some of the Pacific Islands. Fox Spirit Books deserves all the praise it can get for this wonderful series of anthologies, not only for the stories I was able discover within them, but also for the design of these books. Published in coffee book format each of the “Fox Spirit Books of Monsters” features beautiful illustrations from various artists and the excellent cover artworks of Daniele Serra. Therefore, it comes as no surprise from my part that I am waiting with anticipation and excitement to complete this admirable collection of anthologies coming November, when “Pacific Monsters” will be released.

Table of contents:

“Monster” by Tina Makereti

“From the Womb of the Land, Our Bones Entwined” by AJ Fitzwater

“The Hand Walker” by Rue Karney

“Grind” by Michael Grey

“Dinornis” by Octavia Cade and Dave Johnson (art)

“The Legend of Georgie” by Raymond Gates

“The Weight of Silence” by Jeremy Szal

“Above the Peppermint Trail” by Simon Dewar

“Ink” by Iona Winter

“All My Relations” by Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada

“Children of the Mist” by Tihema Baker

“Mudgerwokee” by Kirstie Olley

“I Sindålu” by Michael Lujan Bevacqua and Dave Johnson (art)

“Into the Sickly Light” by AC Buchanan

The book will have illustrations by Laya Rose, Lahela Schoessler, Kieran Walsh and Eugene Smith.

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