Back in business

Looking upon the year that passed I have to say 2016 was not very kind to me. For the most part the events gravitating around me were not something I wish to remember and for days in the row I was left without much energy, motivation and inspiration because of them. Fortunately, 2016 was not entirely bad, there were things that lifted my spirit and helped me look more closely to the brighter side.

After a while I’ve started to miss engaging with my passions, these became casualties for the better part of the last year, and slowly I managed to put them back on their feet. Reading was again as pleasant as it used to be (I dragged over a couple of books last year, but that’s no fault of them) and in consequence engaging in conversations about books and movies followed up shortly, while my fingers started itching for writing about them. Therefore I feel ready now to revive my blog, with a slight change though. Taking into consideration some aspects, I’ve decided to move house for my blog. First, I believe the old title was a bit restrictive; true, fantasy remains on top of my reading lists, but I do love speculative fiction in general and I feel the old title didn’t show that entirely. Also, there are my occasional ventures outside the genre to be considered as well. Second, there is some filler content on the old address that didn’t satisfy me as much as the other entries so I wish to eliminate those entirely. After all, if I am not happy how I did some things what is the point in keep doing the same? Last, a change of host, since the previous one was not as fun to handle as it was in the beginning and I would like to see what this one has to offer (I hope I can wrap my head around it).

With certainty I don’t see this small change as a new beginning (the former address will remain linked here too), only as an adjustment, a continuation of my project, hopefully with a little improvement on the side as well. So, without further ado, I welcome you to Dark Wolf’s Paraphernalia.